Hello dear members and guests,

we are pleased to let you know that after a few months of intense work we are finally launching the Taskerdev Task and Service Marketplace Theme for WordPress. Its an unique theme type, never seen before and we hope you will like it. The main idea behind this theme is that it reunites the people that want services with the people that offer services and the people that want tasks done with the people that can do the tasks. That in short can describe the main functionality of the Taskerdev theme, but its much more than that.

What is Taskerdev really about?

Taskerdev Theme is a premium wordpress theme, and much more than a theme, a wordpress app. It has two main sides: services and tasks. On the tasks side the model is something like any freelancer website, where people post tasks that need to be done, along with a description and a fixed budget. After that other users bid and compete to be chosen as the winner of the respective task, then the task owner can choose the winner based on their given price and their previous experience. After the task is done, the winner gets paid by the task owner.

The second part of the main functionality of Taskerdev is the Services part, which consists of actual entities that are posted by users, actual services that they can do for a fixed price. Then other users come to the website and buy the services. After that, the seller of the task begins work and finishes the task, and in the end the buyer and the seller rate each other. This behavious can be compared to a microjob website.

What are the main features?

The main features of the Taskerdev theme are listed in the list below, but others can and will be added while the theme advances and more updates are released. We are committed to launch monthly updates for Taskerdev as well as the other themes. Here is the list:

  • Task Posting – users post tasks they want to have done
  • Task Bidding – users bid to win the posted tasks and make money
  • Service Posting – users post services at fixed price and sell them like in a marketplace
  • Service Buying – users buy the posted services then service sellers begin work
  • Payment gateways – PayPal, Payza, Moneybookers, Payza and others on demand
  • Monetization Tools – charge for listing, featured listings, charge a percent out of each sale
  • Advertising spaces – around 12 sidebars and over 10 advert spaces where you can post ad codes
  • Private Messaging – users can send and receive private messages
  • Social Logins – users can login using facebook, twitter, linkedin and other social networks
  • Credits System – users can deposit real money and convert into virtual cash or site credits
  • Use virtual cash – users can use the virtual cash to pay for tasks, services and listings
  • Withdrawals – users can ask pay out of their virtual cash balance

How to get Taskerdev?

You can simply buy the Taskerdev theme from the official page on our website, or you can get the theme if you buy the sitemile membership. Also the theme should be in your account already if you are a sitemile club member.

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8 Responses to Taskerdev – Service and Task Marketplace Theme for WordPress officially launched

  1. Webjump says:

    Hi there,

    This all looks great.
    I want to launch a website like Fivrr and Pricerr looks like it fits the bill. I would also like to users to be able to post tasks too. Taskerdev looks cool but I would like to see proper demo (with some examples data and pages) as I am torn between this and Pricerr. Do I just need Taskerdev?

  2. davidsons says:

    When is this bad boy launching?

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