Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions must be agreed by anyone who registers and downloads our themes. Before registering, buying and downloading our themes everyone should agree these terms. By registering SiteMile, buying and downloading the SiteMile themes you automatically accept these terms and conditions.

These terms will apply to all SiteMile themes and plugins, so by buying any themes or plugins from sitemile.com you automatically agree to accept these terms.

1.Licenses of the themes

All themes come under same license.  By accepting the terms you accept the license agreement for each type of theme that you get. More information about the licenses we offer you can find here. By accepting these terms you automatically agree the license terms defined.

2.Getting the themes

The delivery of the themes is very simple: as soon as you have paid for the desired theme, you get redirected to your sitemile.com account and you can download from there. At any time you want you can come back and re-download the themes from your account. You will also have access to any new update, from your account.

3.Cancellation / Refund policy

Since SiteMile.com sells only digital goods, all sales are final. Our software products, the wordpress themes and plugins, are non-encrypted so that is why our sales are final. However we might from time to time give you a 7 day money back guarantee if you contact us and prove that you have good intentions.

4.Privacy policy

We only collect your email address needed for creating an account in sitemile.com. We will NOT share your contact details with anyone. We will only use your email address to inform you about new product updates, support issues and payment issues all related to the product you have purchased from SiteMile.com.


We offer all kind of support related to issues or questions about sitemile.com themes and plugins. From our contact form on sitemile.com to email support or forums support. We can also offer you livechat or skype support. Contact us for getting the live chat support option.

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