Do you want to launch a website in Australia ? Or more on the subject, do you want to start a wordpress site in Australia? If the answer is yes, then you really need a hosting space. So we are presenting you the best WordPress hosting in Australia that your money can buy.

Do you want to land more customers in Australia ? Are you an online business owner in Australia ? If yes, then you really have to follow the guide below to find out what hosting package to choose.

wordpress hosting australia

What is WordPress ? And what is WordPress Hosting ?

WordPress itself is the most popular website cms in the world, powering over 32% of the websites in the entire internet space. If you want to build a website really fast, and super optimised from the SEO standpoint, you should go with wordpress any day of the week. The fact that wordpress is a cms based on php it needs a hosting to reside on. So wordpress hosting is a special kind of hosting space that is focused and gravitating around wordpress core components (php and mysql) and is optimised to run very fast. Some hosting companies offer preinstalled libraries and plugins/themes.

We also have covered a more general wordpress hosting article here.

What is the best wp hosting in Australia ?

There are multiple companies that operate in Australia as all over the world. Even godaddy, bluehost, and others operate there. Any of those are fine. If you already got the hosting, and need web agency or marketing/seo services, please check out our services.

Is a VPS good for hosting my site ?

Yes absolutely, a vps is more desired than a shared hosting. Because in a shared hosting you are splitting resources directly with several other people. Sometimes there are 10 customers per server, and sometimes there are 100 customers. You will never know. But with a vps hosting, you will have better chances of getting fewer other companies in your server. In any case, with a vps hosting as with dedicated hosting, you have your own virtual machine, and you can do whatever you want. Even install your own operating system and install your own cpanel.

What are the best features for a hosting space ?

Some companies offer free ssl certificate with all purchases. And some other offer free domain and big disk space. But almost all come with wordpress support, and they provide install wordpress feature with a few clicks. And the most trending type of hosting is the managed wordpress hosting. This is perfect for small business but also for more higher range businesses. Also custom support is an important feature too. Some companies have live chat support and some dont have.

What happens after getting the domain and hosting ?

After that you are to start implementing your website idea, either is a blog, or an auction website or anything else, you will need to find a web agency to do the work for you and implement your website or web app. We offer these kind of web agency services so check them out and see if anything fits you.

Need a web designer or a freelance wordpress developer in Perth ?

If you need a wordpress developer or a web designer, or even a programmer, we have great services. And our customers come from all over Australia like: Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and others. Find out more here about web design services.

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