In the past few years the job recruiting industry has gained a lot of traction and there are more and more job recruitment websites and services, and the demand for jobs has increased a lot. In this article we want to find out which is the best wordpress theme to launch a job portal website. We think that our JobMiner theme will be the best fit for this purpose. We will detail below everything you need to know about launching a job portal website and which is the best way to do through wordpress.


What is a job board ?

A job board website is a website where employers will post the job openings they have, along with all the details, like salary range, experience needed, skills, and all the job requirements. The candidates will be able to see these jobs, search and filter them based on various filters, and apply for their desired job. Then the employers will have a panel, where they can see all the candidates, their resumes, and be able to further communicate with them, schedule for interview and everything else. Of course each job industry and category has their own specific flow in the applying for a job process, so having a software (a wordpress theme in this case) that can offer all these options is essential.

Here are some examples from the most famous websites that offer a job board feature: Google Jobs, Linkedin, Indeed, Monster. However there will be hundreds of website within smaller niches which will need a job board feature.

Is WordPress a good solution for this type of site ?

As we explained in this post we think wordpress is the best solution to have relatively low costs of initial investment but also good speed and great SEO advantages, so there is no doubt that wordpress is a great solution for your MVP when it comes to job board websites.

How can I use WordPress for this ?

As you know, WordPress is a great cms system, probably the most famous open source cms in the world. It powers over 33% of the websites in the entire world, so its pretty used on all levels. It is also cheaper to start with WordPress than the traditional custom script, therefore, making it the perfect choice when it comes to launching a job board website. We will list all main features that are needed for a job portal website below. Also do not forget about hosting your website, and more information can be found here.

jobminer theme

The best WordPress theme to launch a job portal website

Having over 10 years on the market, we at sitemile, have built from scratch several job board systems (in some form or shape each time), so we know our game, and we know what is good or bad in the world of recruitment software and their features. We have build the Jobminer theme with many things in mind, like: easy applying for a job, easy management of jobs by employers/companies, membership feature.

Here are the main features that Jobminer has:

  • Candidate Dashboard – each candidate has their own dashboard, where they can see which jobs they have applied to, received messages from companies, personal details.
  • Company Dashboard – all posted jobs, all candidates, message to any candidate, favourite and preselected candidates.
  • Payment gateways – supports PayPal, Stripe, Payfast, Authorize, Voguepay, Pesapal, and others
  • Membership – allow companies to purchase monthly membership which include specific number of posted jobs
  • Resumes and Files – allow employers and candidates exchange resume files and other documents
  • Supports Elementor – you can edit things with elementor easily by drag and drop
  • Great Design – professional UI and UX
  • Job portal wordpress theme

> Find out more about jobminer theme <

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