Theme Release Status

On this page you will find details about our current theme update releases and our future theme new releases. We hope to always be in time with the dates of the updates and new releases, but we have the right to modify these dates, and sometimes we really need because during development can occur difficult situations and we always want to release fully functional themes and updates.

We also advise to not schedule any important work based on these dates, as these are not 100% accurate dates and sometimes there can be delays but always we will try to respect the given dates.


Release Date


WordPress Auction Theme
v7.2.4.0 Jan 2023 Improvements and optimisations
v7.2.3.0 Dec 2022 Improvements on csv importer
v7.2.2.7 Oct 2022 Some more optimisations.
v7.2.2.5 June-July 2022 Some more optimisations.
v7.2.2.3 April 2022 More new features and fixes.
v7.2.2.1 March 2022 More new features and fixes.
v7.2.1 9 Jan 2022 Addition of seat auctions, features, and more fixes.
v7.2.0 December 2021 Fixes and new features from user suggestions
v7.1.1.3 18 November 2021 More fixes and optimizations
v7.1.0.7 19 August 2021 Stable release and fixes on plugins/extensions
v7.1.0.1 July 2021 Stable release and fixes
v7.1.0.0 Jan 2021 Stable release
v7.1 Oct 2020 New update, totally rewritten
v5.2.1 1-20 April 2018 Fixes and New Features
v5.2 11 March 2018 New Design, Maintenance, Bug Fixes
v5.1.3.8 23 Nov 2017 Maintenance, Bug Fixes
v5.1.3.7 12 June 2017 Maintenance, Bug Fixes
v5.1.3.5 1 Jan 2017 Maintenance, Bug Fixes
v5.1.3 1 March 2016 Maintenance, Bug Fixes
v5.1 10 July 2015 Maintenance, Bug Fixes
v5.0 17-18 Jan 2015 Variations, Shopping Cart, Stores
v4.7.0 12 August 2014 Various Fixes, Renew Auction Feature
v4.6.1 15-16 May 2014 Optimization & Fixes
v4.6.0 13-14 February 2014 Various Fixes
v4.5.9 18 January 2014 Complex Shipping Features
v4.5.8 23 Nov 2013 Maintenance Update. Report auction feature.
WordPress Classified Theme
v8.4.1 Jan 2023 Optimisation and maintenance
v8.4 Dec 2022 New features, fixes and maintenance
v8.3 March-April 2022 New features, fixes and maintenance
v8.2.3 5 Jan 2022 Fixes and maintenance
v8.2.2.4 18 Dec 2021 Fixes and maintenance
v8.1.0.2 12 November 2021 Optimisations and fixes. Maintenance
v8.0.5 19 August 2021 Small fixes and optimisations
v8.0 2 August 2021 New design, and new features and fixed
v7.5 December 2020 New design, and new features
v7.1.1 22 March 2017 Bug fixes, new release
v7.1.0 March 2016 Bug fixes, new release
v7.0.0 19-24 January 2015 New Interface, Lots of New Features
v6.3.4 7 Dec 2013 Outstanding Issues, Maintenance
v6.3.3 13 Nov 2013 Responsive Theme
Micro Job Pricerr Theme
v6.5.3.1 Jan 2023 Fixes and more optimising
v6.5.3 Dec 2022 Fixes & Optimisation
v6.5.1 18 April 2022 Some more fixes and maintenance release
v6.4.6 1 Jan 2022 Some more fixes and maintenance
v6.4.5.7 5 November 2021 Fixes, maintenance
v6.4.5.4 1 Oct 2021 Bug fixes
v6.4.5.0 8 Sept 2021 Some fixes and optimisations
v6.4.4.7 12 August 2021 Fixes and Optimizations. Fixes on booking plugin, notifications plugin
v6.4.4.3 July 2021 Fixes and Optimizations
v6.4.4.0 April 2021 Maintenance release, bug fixes, new features
v6.4 Dec 2020 Maintenance release, bug fixes, new features
v6.3.9 Sept 2020 Maintenance release, bug fixes, new features
v6.3 Feb-march 2020 Maintenance release, bug fixes, new features
v6.2 Jan 2020 Maintenance release, bug fixes
v6.1 Nov-Dec 2019 Maintenance release, with optimizations and fixes if needed
v6.0.5 Oct 2019 Fixes
v6 Sept 2019 Many new features and extensions, plus new design, similar to all big microjob websites
v5.1 July 2019 Invoice System, Multi Currency, New Payment gateways and Other features
v4.1 11 Feb 2018 Fixes & Maintenance
v4.0 10 Dec 2017 Maintenance & New Design & Fixes
v3.1.6 2 February 2017 Front page slider with video an bug fixes
v3.1.2 4 April 2016 More bug fixes, and small extra features
v3.1.0 February 2015 New Design, Extra features
v3.0.0 31 August 2014 New Design, Extra features
v2.0.9 10-15 January 2014 Maintenance, Bootstrap Integration
v2.0.8 12 Dec 2013 Responsive Theme
v2.0.7 21 Nov 2013 Maintenance, Bookmark job feature
Car Auction Theme
v1.0 2 June 2022 New Theme Release and Fixes
Buzzler Theme
v3.0.0 5 July 2022 New release and new features
v2.0 15 Nov 2019 new release
v1.1.1 25 Nov 2013 Maintenance, Responsive Theme Issues
Project Bidding Theme / Freelancer Marketplace Theme
v4.5.5.5 29 August 2023 Fixes and Maintenance
v4.5.4 23 August 2023 Fixes and Maintenance Optimization
v4.5.3.4 8 April 2023 Fixes and Maintenance
v4.5.3 2 Jan 2023 Fixes and Maintenance
v4.5.2 Dec 2022 Fixes and Maintenance
v4.5.1 June-July 2022 Fixes
v4.5.0 29 May 2022 New features and fixes (as we find and experiment )
v4.4.1 11 January 2022 Hourly rate payment capability and bug fixes.
v4.4.0 3 January 2022 Bug fixes and css style fixes.
v4.3.3.3 2 November 2021 Fixes and optimisations
v4.3.3.2 19 August 2021 Small fixes and optimizations
v4.3.3 July 2021 Maintenance and fixes and new features
v4.3.1 Jan 2021 Maintenance and fixes
v4.3.0 Dec 2020 Maintenance and some new features
v4.2.* Oct 2020 Maintenance, fixes, new features
v4.1 March 2020 Maintenance, fixes, new features
v4.0.8.5 Feb 2020 Maintenance, fixes
v4.0 20 Dec 2019 New design and fixes
v3.2 Dec 2019 More optimizations, and possibly new features
v3.1.5 Oct 2019 Optimizations, and updates on extensions
v3.1 July-August 2019 New Features
v3.0.8 4 may 2018 Tweaks and new features
v3.0.7 18 Apr 2019 Bug fixes, and tweaks
v3.0.1 September (17 sept) 2018 Tweaked design, new options, updated disputes plugin, and others
v3.0 JUNE (19 July) 2018 New Features & New Design & Invoices, Workspaces, Visual Composer
v2.1.1 5 Jan 2018 New Child Theme: Honeybee
v2.1.1 3 Nov 2017 Optimizations and Maintenance
v2.1.0 April 2017 Optimizations, Bug fixes, New Features
v2.0.9.2 July 2016 Optimizations, Some New Features
v2.0.9 August 2015 Optimizations, Some New Features
v2.0.9.1 July 2015 Tweaking Features
v2.0.9 February 2015 Tweaking Features
v2.0.8 30 August 2014 Better Search, True Responsiveness
v2.0.3 30 July 2014 Many New Features, New UI, Fixes
v1.4.2 30 Jan 2014 Maintenance, Grid View, Multiple Improvements
v1.4.1 19 Nov 2013 Responsive Version Theme
Walleto Theme
v4.0 Dec 2020 New Design and New Features, Woocommerc
v3.0 July 2018 New Design and New Features
v2.3 Feb 2017 Solving Issues
v2.2 March 2016 Solving Issues
v2.1 20-30 Jan 2015 Solving Issues
v2.0 31 August 2014 New Version, Very Much Different and New Features
v1.1.7 30 May 2014 Stable Release, Fixes
v1.1.3stable 5-6 January 2014 Stable Release
v1.1.3 27 December 2013 Maintenance, Bug Fixes, Responsive
Rental Booking
v1.0 December 2021 Release new theme
JobMiner Theme
v1.3 May 2022 More fixes and maintenance
v1.2 March 2022 More fixes and maintenance
v1.1 Jan 2022 Release of new theme version
v1.0 Oct 2018 Theme release & Lots of features
TaskerDev Theme
v4.0 Jan 2022 Fixes and a new version
v3.0 Dec 2019 New design and new version
v2.5 June 2019 Maintenance
v2.3 May 2018 Solving Issues & New Features
v2.2.3 April 2017 Solving Issues & Fixes
v2.1 May 2016 Bug Fixes
v1.8.0 20-30 jan 2015 Solving Issues
v1.2.0 1 October 2014 New Features, Optimization, Tiny Issues
v1.1.0 31 August 2014 New Theme Release
DealPress Theme
v2.0.1 31 August 2015 Maintenance, Bug Fixes
ShipMe Theme
v2.7.9 11 May 2022 Bug fixes
v2.6.2 11 Jan 2022 Bug fixes and maintenance
v2.6.0 19 Dec 2021 Bug fixes
v2.5.7.4 18 November 2021 Fixes and maintenance
v2.6.3 10 July 2021 Fixes and maintenance / Added Features
v2.5 April 2021 Fixes and maintenance
v2.4 Feb 2021 Fixes and maintenance
v2.3 Oct 2020 Fixes and maintenance
v2.0.1 Feb 2020 Fixes and maintenance
v2.0 Oct-Nov 2019 New version and new design.
v1.8 June 2019 Several Fixes & Ironed bugs out
v1.7 September 2018 Several Fixes & Ironed bugs out
v1.2 End of May 2018 Bug Fixes & Features
v1.1.10 28 Feb 2018 Bug Fixes
v1.1.9 18 Jan 2018 Bug Fixes
v1.1.4 5 August 2017 Release Update – Bug fixes
v1.0.8 24 May 2017 Bug Fixes & Maintenance
v1.0.5 June 2016 Bug Fixes & Maintenance
v1.0.2 ~ April 2016 Release Update – More stable

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