In this article we will present you the most important key points of our work ethic when it comes to wordpress development. Here at sitemile web agency, we put the customer first. And we like to show the customer what is the status of his project at all times. Actually holding the customer’s hand from the initial call to the end, where we put all in production. WordPress website design service has never been more professional and more smooth than with us. We can assure you of that. Below you will find the most important 5 key points when it comes to WordPress development services.

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1. Support and Customer First

We believe the customer is the most important player in this web agency equation. And actually it is, if the customer is happy then everybody is happy. From the moment you enter in contact with us, to schedule a call to get a free price quote to the moment we put into production we like to show the customer that he is taken care of. We stay in constant contact with the customer via phone or email, or video calls. And we ensure the deadlines, and if we have to delay the delivery of the project, we always discuss and agree with the customer.

That means the customer is always king, and his project will be treated with utmost importance and respect. WordPress web development has never been easier. And our wordpress web design company is here to tackle even the most challenging projects.

2. Top notch developers and web designers

Our internal web development team will discuss with you to discuss the possible solution for your project even before we actually dig into programming. And all our web developers are highly experienced and our wordpress specialists are trained and can take upon any project. This will ensure fast and in timely fashion delivery for your project, and of course well written code and design.

3. Clear and concise project management

When it comes to the management of each project, we agree on deadlines and everything is clearly laid out for the customer. Because we like to provide the correct and agreed schedule to the customer. And that way the customer knows what to expect and when to expect things at any time. The process works like this:

  • Initial call or talk with the customer. We usually set the plans, decide on technology and what themes and plugins do we use. And during this phase we prepare a price quote for each project and propose a set of milestones
  • Second call with the customer will make a detailed contract about the milestones (usually 3,5,10 milestones per project). We also identify the roadblocks and if we need to allocate additional resources to the project, like extra programmers
  • Working in cycles in an agile manner. Usually scrum to deliver sprints.
  • Setting up the weekly meetings with the customer to present progress and plan for the next milestone.
  • Discuss with the account managers and plan the deliver and put into production. And prepare for the hand over of the project to the customer

4. Working with existing themes and plugins or doing from scratch

We usually do lots of theme development and plugin development. But we also can work with existing plugins and themes depending on your needs. We can adapt to any type of plugin and any type of code. But we also know the most popular plugins and themes: avada, divi, rehub, woocommerce and others. So we are not afraid on doing custom tailored or bespoke websites. We are actually quite the experts on that.

5. Great communication an ability to expand

Our team has the ability to further expand any type of website at your desired moment. And we usually propose you further ways to expand and add more features to make more sales in your website. Our communication is top notch, and always stay in contact with the customer through out the whole project. Either doing social network marketing, or online marketing, seo , or content marketing we always stay in contact with the customer.


In the end, you have seen the process of working with our web development and wordpress agency. So if you have a project, or you are a startup that is ready to develop, you can hire our team of experts to take care of your development process. And if you need a web design agency and want to know why would use one, check the 8 reasons why you would use a web design agency.


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