Hey guys, we are working on a great new update on our Taskerdev theme. The new theme will be very similar to a get quotes website and it will be filled with great new features. See below a sneak peak about this new update:

The theme is very similar to bark.com type of website, and we even have an article on how to create such website How to create a bark clone

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6 Responses to Updating the taskerdev theme very soon

  1. wesleymendes says:

    when will it be released?

  2. obxfun says:

    Can you enable us to create custom forms with conditional logic? That’s really important for getting the right data to get a good quote from one industry to another (e.g. house cleaning you need to know number of rooms, roof repair you need to know type/size of roof)?

  3. finiarisab says:

    On the current version. , Attach Image is greyed out, and no way of uploading the images. Please advise

    • admin says:

      we are going to release next month the new version. The current one might have a compatibility issue with latest wordpress, but the new version will come to the rescue.

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