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    Users are able to load images, but they doesn’t appear in their profile. Also the limit of size of images and files doesnt apply, and the site is too heavy because of the sizes of the images that my users are uploading. How can I solve that?

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    Hey, from what i see in my site using the same theme, if you have a good host this wont be an issue. I pay around 25$ per month and i have around 30GB of space. For now is good, and the support here has told me that up to a few thousand users (10k -15k) thats good space.


    Hi, Yolandacali. Thank you for your reply, but it is absolutely not a solution. First, even if I could have unlimited space, my users can not show their files in their profiles; it means, my server is saving files that can not be shown…

    Second, some users are not carefully with the sizes of their files (and they don’t have to be, this is why I want that the theme limits the size of the files). I work with video freelancers (actors, editors), some of my users uploaded videos around 1Gb, and they are able to do that! Then, with 30 users from 10k that do that, I have not more space in the server…

    After almost two months of my question, I still not solving the problem. 🙁

    Anyway, thanks for your reply, are you from Sitemile team/staff?

    Andrei Saioc

    Hey, i wasnt aware of this post, so if you send me a ticket here with your site details, the support people will be able to check your site and the issue more in depth. Let me know

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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