When it comes to auction websites, you have multiple ways of doing it. We have explained here the main things you need to do when building an auction website. But you might wonder how to use an auction script template. Because many people are searching for an auction script, and also others for an auction template. The truth is that you need both a script which is the engine of the auction website. Basically a php auction software. And you need also an auction template, which is the view of the auction website.

Auction PHP Scripts

The most common auction software is a PHP auction script, so that’s an immediate thought, but you are in luck because our WordPress auction theme or auction plugin are based on PHP and they are auction PHP scripts. And this can be used for real estate or other areas, like a real estate auction script.

If you are looking for building an auction website and do not know where to start, read this article about online bidding software.

auction script template

We are proposing the usage of wordpress, which is a free and open source cms system. It will greatly help you get kickstarted in no time. Of course you have to pair it with an auction theme. The wordpress woocommerce auction theme that we have will be perfect for this. And this contains the auction script, and the template. So both the engine and the looks.

Looking for auction software for nonprofits ? No problem we have the perfect auction software for your needs. Just get in touch with us. Or if you prefer auction software for live auctions then we can help you with that too.

What is auction script ?

An auction script is actually a piece of software that will help you run your own auction website. So its just some code in an organised form, which you install and have your own auction website. This can be bought ready made or you can have a team of programmers do it custom. Of course buying a pre-made thing, will be much more cost effective. Thats why we offer the auction theme for sale. This will make your website within minutes of purchase. If you prefer using an auction plugin for wordpress, then you have more info here. As any auction script, the same our theme is based on php and mysql, which makes it perfect for someone looking for a great powerful auction script but also wants the power of wordpress (seo, page builder, plugins and stuff like that).

Basically think of the auction script as of any auction software. A piece of software, an auction program software that you can purchase and launch an auction website of any kind.  Basically is the same thing as online auction software, or silent auction software.

What is an auction template ?

An auction template, is also referred as an auction theme, is nothing else than a template that creates an auction website for you. Usually an auction template or an auction theme are the same. But with wordpress, the theme contains both the looks (template) and the engine(script), so thats why you will be able to resolve the issue of auction script template with one product: the auction theme

We have also described the ways of building an auction website in this article too. So you can check that out as well.

Is this different than wp auction software ?

Well when it comes to wp auction software or wp auction plugin, these are more general terms. Because with wordpress you either have an auction plugin or an auction theme. So the software term can have two aspects: either a paid theme or a paid plugin. We do not advise using any free auction plugin or free auction theme because they will for sure lack in support and in features. Always the paid option will have more attention than a free one from its developers. Plus if things go wrong you will know who to complain to. So if you want the best auction plugin for wordpress, then this is the one to try. Also we advise to not go with a free auction script because is not properly supported.

Just get the best web auction software from our website and get properly supported and why not, get in touch with us for any type of request or question. We even do custom web development on top of the default features.

What about a pre built auction website ?

We know some facts about auction websites, because we are doing the auction plugin and theme for over 10 years now. So we can safely say that our auction theme can be considered as a pre built auction website. That is because you do not need to do anything other than setting up your logo, images, categories. All the personal stuff that go along with your site. So the intervention will be minimum. Also it even comes with an auction widget for your website. In fact it has multiple auction widgets. Our plugin can literally be called the ultimate wordpress auction plugin.

How to build an auction platform?

Building an auction platform needs several steps and begins with buying a domain name and hosting space. After that you will need to install an auction script (either PHP auction script or auction software itself). After that running the auction website will be based on the backend options if your chosen auction software.

If you are looking to build an auction website, please try our WordPress auction theme or WordPress auction plugin which will give you the right and easy way to create an auction website within minutes.

How do I start a small online auction?

Starting any online auction site needs two things: a hosting space and a domain name, and auction software or a PHP auction script. That way you have the hardware and software to start an auction auction website. And we think the fastest way to start an auction website, is using WordPress. And specifically an auction theme or an auction plugin.

Can I create my own online auction?

To start your own online auction, you will need a website built that has auction software installed in it. For that you need to get a domain name and hosting space. After that you will buy some auction software and install in your website. And that way you will have created your own online auction website. That is also valid for using a live auction script.

Another alternative would be to use a php auction script open source but that’s quite rare because all these auction scripts will require paid maintenance. So do not hesitate to contact us for a price quote in creating your own auction site.

How much does it cost to build an auction site?

The cost to build an auction site is variable and can go anywhere from $500 up to $15,000-20,000 depending on the options that your site will have. Also if the auction website is live auction website, then you will need some special live auction script or software. And if the auction is reverse then you need a reverse auction script.

You will need to get the best auction script for building your auction site.

How do I create an online auction app?

Creating an online auction app requires you to hire an app development agency to build up the auction app for you. Specially if you want it to be built for mobile phones and if you want to be a live auction like for automobile/cars. Something like cars and bids or bring a trailer could be good examples. A site like that could cost around $15,000. If you want something like that you can contact us for a free consultation.

Do you want to launch your own online silent auction platforms ? No problem you can do that with our auction theme right away. We offer support and custom web development services.

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