Howdy people,

We have the great pleasure to introduce you to our newest and greatest wordpress theme up to now! The theme is called Walleto, and is a premium wordpress theme that transforms your blog website into a marketplace website. We are very proud of this and we have invested a few good months of work into this, and we also think this theme fills a big gap in the market, and its one of the best if not the best theme on the market for these types of websites.

What are the key features ?

The key feature of Walleto theme is the multi-vendor platform, meaning that each user can have his own shop/store and sell their own products, even digital and downloadable goods.

Also another cool feature is a powerful monetization, since walleto comes with a few great ways of making money for the owner of the website. First is the membership (monthly or yearly) that your shop owners will have to pay in order to sell their products, and secondly you can charge for ads on the website, and third but not least, the commission you can take per each sale.

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5 Responses to Walleto Marketplace Theme Launched Today

  1. saurabhbhatia16 says:

    Hello.. is it possible to add slider? Also, please let us know if can change the look of the website? I am impressed with the features but sorry to say that the look of the website is not good.

  2. Charissame says:

    Amazing! There is nothing else like this in a theme. Thank you!

  3. fmpromos says:

    Is it possible to upload csv batch file of the products with pictures price description?

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