Hello guys

we are happy to announce that we have released a new version of the marketplace Walleto Theme, and we are happy to say, that most of the past issues have been fixed. Its true that it took quite a while to nail all the problems down, but we finally did it and walleto theme is finally ready for production. This version can be followed by minor version releases depending on what tiny fixes we need to apply during next week.
Below you can find a list of the improvements and fixes and a list of modified files we have done in the past months.


– fixed the digital downloads extension
– fixed the shipping(0) for digital downloads
– proper product variations feature
– product variance offers now individual prices, weights, shipping cost
– several problems fixed with the credits/e-wallet system
– portfolio images jquery issue fixed
– many minor functionality issues
– shopping cart with cookies rather than sessions
– compatibility issues fixed for wp 3.9.1
– new extension for extra-dev license: extra payment gateways
– iDeal Sisow added
– quickpay payment gateway added
– authorize.net support added
– future plans: bitcoins and Responsiveness

Files Modified

– functions.php
– style.css
– single-product.php
– top-main-menu.php
– walleto-special-page-template.php
– single-shop.php
– archive-shop.php
– taxonomy.php
– lib/checkout.php
– lib/my_cart.php
– lib/watchlist.php
– lib/admin_menu.php
– lib/post_new.php
– lib/agree_and_pay.php
– lib/add_to_cart.php
– lib/first_run.php
– lib/first_run_emails.php
– lib/post_new_post.php
– lib/user_profile.php
– lib/user_feedback.php
– lib/my_account/*

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