Getting website traffic is the main purpose of every digital marketing agency or an online business owner. And every business owner dreams and wants traffic on their website. Thats how they make leads and ultimately sales. But you will need to do some effort to obtain and capture that traffic. Here is a small list with all types of traffic and how you can obtain them. Lets explore the source of traffic to a website and see how one another are different.

For any types of traffic measurement, you could use the pretty insights web analytics tool, as is a great choice for entrepreneurs and saas founders.

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1. Direct Traffic

Basically direct traffic means that someone knows your website address, or have it saved somewhere and enters the site directly by typing the website address in their browser bar. And you can grow this by increasing your brand awareness and getting known on forums, social networks and so on. Increasing your social presence will increase your company’s website direct visits too.

2. Organic Traffic:

The organic traffic is that type of traffic that comes to your site through different search engines: google, bing, yahoo, duckduckgo, brave and other search engines. Basically the search engines have crawlers that will visit your site and index current content and new pages. They are serving these results to the customers that search through their engine.

The organic traffic is the most desired traffic as thats the one that has the highest chances to get leads. So lead quality is very high here. You would need an seo agency to do seo – search engine optimisation. And seo agencies will analyse keywords and do research for keyword gaps and low-competition keywords and optimise for those. Also they do seo strategy and plan ahead how to do copywriting and content marketing for you.

Also in this category we have sem traffic , which stands for search engine marketing. And all these are needed just to have the conversion rate grow. Along with a good traffic on your site you also need a good landing page, and a clear CTA – call to action to your pages. Read more about landing page design services and web design services in general.

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3. Referral Traffic:

The referral traffic is that traffic thats generated from someone clicking on your site’s link on another website. Thats quite important also, because having one of your site’s links on another website will increase your page rank, or domain rank. Thats something that its taken into consideration by google and other search engines when showing your result in the first page or the other pages.

You might wonder how to get the referral traffic ? You could find websites that allow guest posting and write for those websites or run an affiliate campaign on your site. That way the people that become your affiliates, share your site’s link (with their referral id) thus helping them make some percent out of any sale that you make through their link. This technique is used by our agency when developing a strategy for your business.

Also into this category you have affiliate marketing, where you have a bunch of affiliates promoting your website or your products, in exchange of a percent on each sale. That is a perfect way to grow exponentially on your referral traffic.

4. Social Media Traffic:

This type of traffic happens when someone clicks on social media posts that lead to your website. Usually this type of traffic is more massive, but isnt that targeted, and although there will be many more visits the chances of leads will be lower.

And this type of traffic is the most easy to obtain by posting to your social networks, and others sharing your social media posts: youtube, facebook, tik-tok, twitter. And here you have several ways, either grow your social network channels or go to other channels like influencers, where you have a whole set of new things. And that is called influencer marketing and its a complete new science. But all relate to content creation, content distribution and content promotion.

Also social traffic can be paid social media traffic, or organic social media traffic. The latter is preferable and happens when your posts are going viral.

5. Paid Traffic:

The paid traffic happens when people click on the ad that you paid for. Its very common to have google ads, facebook ads, twitter ads, instagram ads, tik-tok ads and other type of paid ads. This type of traffic usually is very fast, and the ad networks will allow you to target the specific type of traffic that you wish. A digital agency would be indicated here.

And a good advice would be to use the paid ads when you already have a good quality product and a well established brand.

6. E-mail Campaigns:

This would fall into the category for newsletter and email automation. Where you have a list of contacts that are actual customers, or prospects, or people signed up to your newsletter, and you are simply retargeting or directing them to landing pages for different offers you give them. Its also good that these are controlled by a CRM(customer relationship management). And the most important thing is to gather that list from your actual customers.

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