You are here probably because want to find out what is a tender auction, or maybe want to see the difference between a tender an actual auction. We will discuss and explain how a tender is actually a sealed bidding type of process. That is different from the classic ebay style type of auction, where highest bidder wins. A tender is used in the construction business very much, as explained in this use case here.

What is a tender ?

A tender is actually a form of sealed bidding, or a reverse auction type of bidding. Where the bids are posted and sent directly to the customer. Then the customer will choose the best bid he wants for the auction. This type of process is very familiar for the tasks websites or construction quotes websites.

In this type of websites, the customer will post up a task, like a thing he needs done or built. Then the contractors or service providers will post up bids or proposals. The customer will then choose the best bid he wants. Work starts, and in the end, the customer will review the work by giving out a rating.

So, if you want to create a tender auction, then for sure you could use our wordpress auction theme. This theme will allow the reverse auction type and it will work for this purpose. Another theme that can be used for tasks, is called freelancer marketplace theme.

What is an auction ?

A classic auction type of process is very simple. The seller will post up a product for sale or for auction and the buyers will place bids for that item. The highest or the last bider before the time runs out, basically will win the goods.

This auction type is very similar to ebay type of website, and is very well known in the industry. We can also recommend the wordpress auction theme for this type of auction, as this will work for classic auction too. We also have detailed the process of building an auction website here.

How to get the right software ?

If you want to create a tender auction website we recommend using wordpress. You will use it along with one of our themes which will do the perfect job. We can also offer installation and customisation services without an issue.

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