Back in the old days, creating a website was a difficult task. The first cms that came to the rescue was WordPress, which is open source. But later we had an explosion of services like WIX. This is where we explain the difference between WIX vs WordPress, and which is better for you and your business.


While Wix is a website builder, and its a bit more limited, with wordpress you can actually build a complete and more dynamic website. Both platforms will actually allow you to build websites to some extent. These days with wordpress you can find themes, that can transform your site from a simple blog to an ecommerce website.

WIX vs WordPress: Which is better for you ?

Getting started on each of the two platforms is easy, but with wix could be a bit easier. Since that is a hosted website builder, you will not need to code anything. The offer you all designs, colors, themes and pretty much everything. The down side with wix, is that you are very much constrained. You will not be able to get out of that eco system. You are pretty much trapped into an eco system where the wix team will dictate what you can use. And you will be limited to use only what they put at your disposal. We have to admit they have a pretty big collection of templates and stuff that look nice.

The will be using a lot of drag and drop functionality for the site building process. You will be able to choose the templates , the logo, colors and everything you need to setup the website.

With wordpress, will be a bit more difficult because you will need a hosting space somewhere on the cloud or some server. That will be an extra step for you, which should not be too difficult for most of the people. The good thing is that you are not limited to anything, and you will own your site basically.

Later if you want to add some kind of special function to your site, you could hire any developer and he can add it without an issue. As opposed to wix, with wordpress you own and control your files , database and programming code.

Are they customisable ? To what extent ?

When it comes to customisability, we can say that both wix and wordpress are customisable. With wordpress you will need to install a page builder and a theme that is compatible with that page builder. Take for example, divi and astra theme, or maybe elementor and any theme that supports widgets. That way you can use drag and drop functionality in wordpress too. With wix, you can only use drag and drop, and you will not be able to edit the code or anything like that.

Also wordpress offers the user access to dozens of free themes, and thousands of free plugins. From seo optimisation plugins, to compressing js code, and compressing images, you can have it all. We really think that wordpress is a better choice than wix, only because you can do so many more customisations.

What about SEO

We think from a long experience that when it comes to seo, wordpress is king. All marketing agencies and seo agencies use wordpress, because you can deploy it literally within minutes, and you can play with the seo html tags and have tons of available plugins for that. It literally takes you less than 1 hour to create a site and paste a few articles that will rank in google within days if you are lucky.

On the other hand, with wix you dont have that good of seo, and you cannot do much to control it. So we recommend using wordpress any day of the week.

Advantages for WordPress

  • Very good for seo
  • easy deployment
  • easy for beginners
  • you own the files and database
  • its only you , there is no middle man
  • large customisation possibilities

Advantages for Wix

  • Very easy deployment
  • Doesnt require hosting
  • Easy to use by the very begginer
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