When it comes to building an auction website you have so many options available. And because of that, which should be a positive thing, you find it hard to pick the exact process to build the auction website. And most important what kind of tech stack you should use or what auction software you will use. Either is an auction script or just an auction website builder. But in this article we will cover the case where you choose WordPress as your platform. So with that said you will need to see what would you choose, a WordPress auction theme or a WordPress auction plugin.

We will try to see what are the differences between using a theme or a plugin, and what are the advantages of either one. We just want to see if the end result, which is create an auction site, will be different in either of the cases.

WordPress Auction Plugin

WordPress is a very popular CMS (content management system) that powers over 35.5% of the websites in the entire world. And that’s a very important fact because the popularity has risen due to its ease of use, ability to install all kinds of WordPress plugins and expand functionality often times without further custom web development. Of course that doesn’t mean that you can do anything with just a few clicks , installing plugins.

Usually we use WordPress plugins for all the raw functionality of a website. For example if we want to create an auction website, and we already have a theme that we like and use, we would use an auction plugin into the site. But the WordPress auction plugin must have certain features to be a good fit for our needs. For example we need people to post their own auctions, have user dashboard, charge users to list auctions into our platform, and even make money by charging a commission on each online sale.

For all that we need an excellent auction plugin, possibly even an woocommerce auction plugin with fantastic support, something like our auction plugin. And we would prefer using a plugin to create our auction site, just because we like the current theme that we use, and do not want to switch. We will just install the plugin and configure it. We will later debate why would we use an auction theme instead of a plugin later in the article. And you can also read about creating an auction site with a plugin.

WordPress Auction Theme

Usually using a theme is better use case for creating an auction site, just because it offers more tighter integration on back-end and front-end. So we recommend using a WordPress auction theme whenever you are starting from scratch, with just a new site. This just because the auction theme has everything integrated and you do not have to fiddle with shortcodes, settings , adding widgets here and there, creating pages manually. These all happen when you use an auction plugin. But the features are the same, so the end result is similar, only the process and getting there is different.

Using an auction theme could also be beneficial for niched sites, for example, a real estate auction website, or a car auction website. This is because these sites come pre-configured out of the box and will be much easier to be up and running. Even if you are a developer. Not to mention if you are just an entrepreneur who just wants the thing launched and making money.


Creating an auction site is easy nowadays, but you have to choose the better approach right from the start. And I mean the approach that works for you the best. And in the eventuality when you need custom web development services you can check a web design agency services.

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