Greetings everyone,

we are please to let you know we have just released a new exiting update for our loved WordPress Auction Theme. The new update comes with even more good stuff than the previous versions and much more stable code, plus a new way of posting auctions.

The new way for posting auctions with our wordpress auction script, is very similar to craigslist or backpage sites, where the user is directed through easy 5 steps, in which he can choose the category, location of his auction, add photos and pay for posting.

Another cool new feature of the auction theme is the zip-radius search, where you can input a zip code or an address, choose a radius (miles or km) and then the auction theme will display all the auctions inside your chosen radius area. Plus a map of all the auctions in your area (google maps). You can see a video below with these two new features in action:

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