Hello everyone,

we are proud to present yet another update for our loved, WordPress Auction Theme. Its the first update of this year (2014) and we are happy to say that a few key features have been improved and we have tested it thoroughly in wordpress 3.8 and we hope now the theme is totally compatible with latest release of wordpress. For a complete list of added features and fixes, but also a list of changed files, see below:

Features and Fixes:

– better shipping options, flat and variable shipping fees
– ajax loaded categories, improves the site speed
– multiple fixes and maintenance changes
– compatible with 3.8 totally tested

Files Changed:

– AuctionTheme/style.css
– AuctionTheme/functions.php
– AuctionTheme/single-auction.php
– AuctionTheme/header.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/post_new_post.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/post_new.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/first_run.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/admin_menu.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/no_percent_speficied.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/my_account/payments.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/my_account/pay_item_by_credits.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/my_account/pay_for_item.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/my_account/personal_info.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/my_account/edit_auction.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/my_account/private_messages.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/gateways/adaptive_paypal_auction.php
– AuctionTheme/lib/gateways/normal_paypal_auction.php

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4 Responses to WordPress Auction Theme new update v4.5.9

  1. kostas76 says:

    how can update it?

  2. kostas76 says:

    im not developer or… i need more help

  3. webkoti says:

    For example use Filezilla as an ftp software to upload the theme folder to your hosting server. The location in you wordpress installation is /wp-content/themes/Auction Theme
    Upload updated theme over there. Or if you have cPanel or some other GUI control panel on your hosting server you can use that also as your ftp software. More about ftp transfers can be found from google

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