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recently wordpress upgrades have been accelerated due to bugs they had in the older versions and improvements they wanted to bring to the new versions. However these rushed updates have affected some of our themes, so in order to make our themes work with the latest wordpress versions we had to correct a few things. The auction theme is the first and most affected theme of this wordpress 4.9.1 update. Here is a list of modified files of the Auction Theme:

List of Files

– style.css
– functions.php
– lib/post-new.php
– header.php
– footer.php

Where to get the new update

In order to get the new update v5.1.3.8 of the auction theme, please login to your customer account in sitemile.com, and download the zip archive from there. To update, simply copy over the files you have in your server. Also make sure you make a backup before this, just in case.
Last thing, if you did custom changes to the main theme, make sure you transfer the changes to a child theme before overwriting any files

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