Hello guys,

after 2 years of work on the new v7 version of our auction template, we have finally come to a stable and working version and we can finally release it to the current and future customers. We have rewritten the theme from scratch with one thing in mind, scalability! We have scaled the code to be sure our theme can be used on tons of website types that include thousands or even millions of users and items. We are sure now we can get this type of software to the next level, and we are confident that our system is the best on the market. See below a few screenshots and new things we have added or improved.

List with the main key things we have added

– have a new post new item/auction process
– scaled the database and code to support multi seller/multi product per each order
– rewritten all the code to include more classes and for easy expandability in the future
– focused a lot on building on a child theme for custom modification. Btw we offer this service
– improved the design and responsiveness dramatically
– added the possibility for iOS and Android native apps, see Entrepreneur Packages
– ability to control landing pages with Elementor, plus offering various widgets for this
– reverse auction mode
– possibility to build b2b business marketplace (it does need customisation work, please contact us)

See some screenshots below

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6 Responses to WordPress Auction Theme update v7 launched

  1. kamiali says:


    Still I am unable to find where can I activate seats auction as I am waiting for over 5 months now but there is no reply and even after update still I can’t find the option. Kindly help..



  2. admin says:

    Do you need the demo data ?

  3. kamiali says:

    Hi, If I can enable seats auction through demo data then can you let me know how to do that?


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