Hello to everyone,

After a long period of development we finally launched the 4th version of the Auction Theme. We are happy to announce you that we made big efforts to bring the theme to WordPress 3.0 standards. The theme was in beta version for a week but this weekend we finally got it more stable and we decided to official launch it today.

The theme comes with a series of cool new stuff. A big breakthrough of this new version is the custom post type called auction which separates normal blog posts from auctions thus giving you the chance to post blog articles in the same auction website powered by WordPress.

Another feature of the new version are the custom fields that will give you the chance to set custom features/characteristics for the different auctions you post. The custom fields are set by category. For example if you want to post an auction for a car, you will define in the Auction Theme’s back-end some custom fields for the Cars category like “leather seats”, or “Power” or “Engine Capacity”; every one of these custom features can be select boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, or simple textboxes.

Also for the auction images you are able to limit the number of the pictures posted each auction and even charge your users for more than one picture posted for the auctions, on a picture basis, eg: 0.99USD per picture.

I hope the new version will joy the current users and for the future buyers I am showing you the Auction Theme’s product page for more information: Click Here

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