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After a long wait since the last major version upgrade, we finally released the new version/update of our loved theme, the Auction Theme for WordPress. We really think now the theme has become super mature, and if it wasnt already the best on the market, now it really is the BEST theme/script on the market to build an online auction website. It cannot get better than that (but probably we will make it as we release regular updates and have a bunch of new ideas).

To check out what we have added for this new update, you can check the list below. Also we have listed the files that we modified since the last update. You will find instructions also, on how to upgrade your current version to the newest version. If you havent bought the auction theme yet and you are in need of a script or software for an online auction website, you can purchase our script from here.

New Features & Bug Fixes

Down below you will find a list of the new features added in this update and some bug fixes that were also being done during last 2 months of summer. So we havent slept this summer, but rather work hard, hope you enjoy:

  • Multiple categories select when posting an item. We also added a switch to disable this from backend admin.
  • Edit auction after bids were placed. Added a switch for enable/disable this from admin area.
  • HTML editor when placing or editing an auction, for the description. Also a switch for enable or disabled this from admin side.
  • Watch list bug fixed. Item wasnt adding to watchlist from single auction page.
  • Email bugs fixed. Not showing winning bid value for some of the emails.
  • Several tiny css or programming, user flow glitches fixed.

List of modified files

Below you will find the modified files since the last big update we had 2 months ago. You will need this in order to know what files to update, but our suggestion is to update all the files of the theme, just to be sure you are up to date with all files. In this case we strongly advice to use child themes if you want to do custom changes to your theme.

  • functions.php
  • style.css
  • single-auction.php
  • header.php
  • taxonomy.php
  • lib/
  • lib/
  • lib/first_run.php
  • lib/admin_menu.php
  • lib/post_new_post.php
  • lib/cronjob.php
  • lib/accept_counter_offer.php
  • lib/accept_offer.php
  • lib/all_locations.php
  • lib/all_categories.php
  • lib/user_profile.php
  • lib/user_feedback.php
  • lib/gateways/adaptive_paypal_auction.php
  • lib/gateways/normal_paypal_auction.php
  • lib/my_account/edit_auction.php
  • lib/my_account/payments.php
  • lib/my_account/feedback.php
  • lib/my_account/pay_item_by_credits.php
  • lib/widgets/browse-by-location.php
  • lib/widgets/browse-by-category.php

How can I upgrade

First of all before any update make sure you backup everything from your files to your database content, just in case some surprises appear down the road (and sometimes they appear no matter what). After you have backed up, you should connect through your FTP client to your server, and just replace the files of your old auction theme with the files you got from sitemile.com from your account. Remember that when you download from your site, you get the zip archive with the files, so you should unzip/unarchive the files to your computer or mac.

Another way of updating, if you dont want to mess up with FTP clients and dragging files around, is to use the wordpress backend. After downloading the theme archive from your member account in sitemile.com , you should go to wp-admin -> Appearance -> Themes, Install. Be aware, that first you need to deactivate the old auction theme (activating any other theme), delete the old theme, and install the new theme update, and activate it. And you are done!

Where I can buy

If you haven’t purchased the auction theme yet, not it’s the time to do it. You can either buy it individually from the Auction Theme product page, or you can have it in our club membership and have updates for life, and great support.

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