Hello guys,

we are pleased to let everyone know we just updated our WordPress Classified Theme. The new update v6.2.1.3 brings even more great stuff in the world’s best classifieds system app for wordpress. The main new thing about this update is that the post new ad flow looks now more like brackpage or craigslist, with more simple steps and more logical choose of options.

You first have to select a category for your item/ad, then you need to choose a subcategory, and so on until you reach the bottom of the categories tree. The theme supports now unlimited category and subcategory levels. Then after you have chosen your category and subcategory you will need to choose the location and sublocations. Which can be either country-state-city-district, or city-area, or whatever you choose to be.

After that you write your ad, with title, description, price, tags and everything, then you add your pictures, and then you review everything and pay for the ad. In this whole process you can also go back and forth in the post new ad steps.

This whole process change make the sitemile classified theme become the world’s best classified theme for wordpress. This wordpress classified app will help you create your ads site in minutes from purchasing.

If you havent purchase the Classified Theme yet, you can purchase it from here. Or you can have the classified theme along with the sitemile membership subscription, which is a one time fee and gives you access to all the themes and plugins life-time.

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