Buying a WordPress Theme isn’t quite the easiest thing to do. The market is full of a variety of products and choosing the right one for you may be challenging. Here we have some tips and tricks to take into consideration when you decide to make a purchase.

1. Plan ahead (Planning is knowledge and knowledge is power)

The internet is big. Therefore, before doing any research, try to organise an idea, make a contour of what you would like your website to look like and estimate what functionalities are mandatory. Having good documentation saves you a lot of time, money and effort.

2. Do your own research

Before jumping into buying a WordPress theme, select the ones that best fit your plans. Check if the ones you chose have the wanted functionalities and select only the ones that correspond to your needs.

3. Ask questions

Presale questions are crucial. Do not make an impulse purchase. Make sure you get the answers you were looking for.

For example, at Sitemile, we have dedicated presale support, and we make sure to give you all the information you need before purchasing one of our WordPress templates. We want to develop good work relationships with our customers, so we insist on you having access to all the information about our software products.

Also, if you want to create a website with many functionalities and you don’t find on the market something exactly the way you want it, we offer custom work, which means we can add to your site absolutely all the features you need. Just contact our support and make sure to ask us anything.

4. Long term vision

Launching a website is not only about the design. When you choose the WordPress theme you think is the absolute fit, keep in mind to select the one that has the best written code. The design is easier to improve, but having a premium WordPress theme that works flawlessly is the best strategy.

Nowadays, finding a web designer is easier than finding a skilled programmer.

5. Customer support

When choosing to buy a WordPress Theme, make sure good quality customer support comes with it.
What do we understand by “good quality”? Receiving the right answers to your questions. Time is money and having the proper information quickly helps you in this direction.

6. You get what you pay for

Good website scripts cost money for a reason. Presale support, well written code, after sale support, theme updates, all cost money and the high quality of a product is reflected in its price.

7. Theme Updates

Finally, WordPress is an evolving platform. Buying a theme that is regularly updated is a long-term investment.

SiteMile is a marketplace for premium WordPress themes. Our focus is on functionalities. Therefore, the WordPress templates we created are feature-rich and come as all-in-one solutions to our customers’ needs. Our programmers are highly qualified, hence custom work is also available on request. If you want to see our php scripts, check out this page and if you have any questions, contact us through email, tickets, live chat or WhatsApp.

Hope this helps,
Team Sitemile

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