Hello guys

we have released another update for our loved microjobs theme, pricerr theme, after a period where we have released several smaller updates. The last few updates we did for this theme, bring up a lot of optimizations, and small fixes , which make our theme even more solid than before. We once again prove that our theme is the best micro jobs theme in the world, or at least thats what our customers think. See below a list of changes and fixes:


– fixed RTL extension, and RTL plugin for hebrew and arabic languages
– fixed the map radius extension, now you can actually search by address/postal code and radius based on geo location and geographical coordinates
– fixed css glitches
– fixed a few small font issues

Files Affected
– style.css
– functions.php
– header.php

Plugins/Extensions affected

– Pricerr Location Input v.1.3
– pricerr RTL extension and RTL Child Theme

pricerr theme fiverr

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