We are pleased to let you know about a new exciting update for the WordPress Penny Auction Theme. This update is a big step ahead in making this theme the best theme/script/software on the market for creating a penny auction site from scratch in minutes. Its a turn-key solution for all customers, from advanced coders or developers to the very beginners internet users.

For a list of changes check the official page of the Penny Auction Theme or the list below:

  • feature added: bidding assistant, autobid
  • feature added: flashing highest bidder name when a new bid is posted
  • feature added: flashing timer red when under 1 minute
  • issue fixed: showing bidding history on single auction page

The theme works with the new framework(v1.2.0) and is packed with a lot of extra features. The framework will be in your account as well after buying the theme. You can buy the theme as standalone or you can get the theme with our membership subscription. Plus the support we offer is top notch. First there is support email, live chat, and also check out the new sitemile support forums.

Also we can offer you customization services. If you want the theme with slightly different looks or functionality, or anything else do not hesitate to contact us.

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2 Responses to WordPress Penny Auction Theme launched v1.1.0.1

  1. samtycun says:

    HI, how do I add Bid Packages to the theme so that users can buy credits?

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