we have released a new update of our pricerr theme which includes a few new features and some fixes and optimisations. We constantly are doing updates to keep these themes up to date and working in a mint and superb condition. See below the list of changes and features and a list of edited files:

Changes and fixes

– have added comparison table
– fixes on the css and responsiveness
– modify the button colors and boxes
– fixed location input/search with google maps api
– added membership subscription for users
– fixed the advanced search page
– fixed the taxonomy pages
– fixed live chat messages

all extensions that were added can be found in the pricerr extensions page

Files that were modified:

– functions.php
– style.css
– header.php
– single-job.php
– taxonomy.php
– messages.css
– chat-regular.class.php
– lib/advanced-search.php
– lib/my-account/messages.php

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