Hello to everyone,

we are please to inform you that a new update(v1.0.7) of the the WordPress Pricerr Theme has been released. Pricerr is the new micro-job, chores, small task theme that lets you build a website in minutes. Below you can find more about the features of the new update or you can visit the official page here.

Here is a list of the main bug fixes and additions of Pricerr:

– bug of the translation file fixed, now translation file can be used
– new feature added: multiple, variable prices for each job
– new feature added: edit your job from your account
– new feature added: delete your jobs from your account
– bug fixed: email notification when posting a job
– bug fixed: payment system when purchasing a job
– new feature added: related jobs on single job page
– new feature added: more jobs from the user on single job page
– bug fixed: tag cloud archive page

The theme works with the new framework and is packed with a lot of extra features. You can buy the theme as standalone or you can get the theme with our membership subscription.

Also we can offer you customization services. If you want the theme with slightly different looks or functionality, or anything else do not hesitate to contact us.

The new version v.1.0.7 makes takes the Pricerr Theme to the even more stable area. We are working hard to add your suggestions into it too. Visit our new forums for installation guides, troubleshooting and feature suggestions.

Andrei from www.sitemile.com

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  1. talontan says:

    I will say that your software is worth the money invested. Launched a new site within two days of purchasing the Pricerr Theme.
    It’s one of the best and moderately priced.

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