We are pleased to inform you a new version (v1.0.9) of the, now well known, micro-job or micro-task theme, the WordPress Pricerr Theme has been launched. The new version brings a lot of improvements and some great new features. The theme was very well received by the public becoming very fast a hot script and now with the new version it’s getting very strong. For a detailed list of features that the new version brings check below:

  • bug fix: front-page sorting by rating
  • bug fix: edit-job from admin side
  • feature added: cancel job by the buyer after job time expires and job is not delivered
  • feature added: withdraw limit, change withdraw limit from backend
  • bug fix: email notifications fixed
  • bug fix: pay for job, when purchasing job
  • other minor bug fixes

For more information about the new update you can visit the Pricerr’s Theme official page. You can purchase Pricerr Theme from the same page. Also you can have Pricerr with our club membership subscription. A demo of the theme in action can be seen here.

Also do not forget out our framework, which you will need to run the Pricerr Theme. You can get the latest version of the sitemile framework from your member area in sitemile.com

Plus you can also get documentation from the official docs page on sitemile.com and also you get support from our forums where you can raise problems, solutions and free discussions about using the theme.


Andrei from www.sitemile.com

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