Hi guys,

we just updated our premium WordPress Project Bidding Theme to version v1.1.5. With the new fixes and updated the Project Theme becomes the best WP theme on the market to build a job, or chores, or task website. Through the best features that the new update brings we can remind you the new easySlider on the frontpage, the payment with credits when posting projects and much more. Find out the list of all features, and bug fixes of the new Project Theme in the list below.

  • easySlider updated from v1.5 to v1.7 fixing the loop bug
  • pay by credits in post new project
  • pay directly by paypal, alertpay in post new project
  • choose winner $0.0 bid bug fixed
  • central .pot language file for an easy translation
  • email notification when choosing a winner fixed
  • my account area has service provider menu separated from the project poster menu
  • pay by bank transfer offline menthod

If you didnt purchase the Project Theme yet, you can purchase it by visiting the official page of the project theme. You can also purchase the Project Theme through our membership subscriptions. More info about this here. If you did purchase the theme already then go to your sitemile.com account and download it.

We also have a new framework version v1.0.7 which should be downloaded from your sitemile.com account before you install the Project Theme. The new framework fixes the cutting pictures bug.

Andrei from www.sitemile.com

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