Hello guys,

we are pleased to inform you that we finally have the big update for our great project theme released. It has a new layout, and more modern looks. Also we have improved a bit each and every aspect of the theme, from frontend to backend. Also for the next months we are planning to add some huge front end improvements, like a very complete search feature and more.


These new changes we have added in this version of our theme, make the project theme, the best freelancer theme on the wordpress market. You can be sure that there is no other similar theme that can do things better. For a complete list of changes and file changes see the list below:

Features & Issues Fixed

– uploadify script for uploading files and images is replaced by another pure jquery script
– we have removed every uploadify mention in the theme, since it was giving issues with some hosts
– improved front end, and userend
– improved looks in the single project page
– improved freelancer / service provider search
– bids terminology was replaced by “proposals”
– new widget for showing and defining category thumbnails

List of files

– functions.php
– style.css
– single-project.php
– header.php
– latest-projects.php
– archive-project.php
– taxonomy.php
– project-special-page-template.php
– index.php
– footer.php
– page.php
– single.php
– images/* (merge this folder, new images were added)
– lib/post_new.php
– lib/bidding-panel.php
– lib/admin_menu.php
– lib/choose_winner.php
– lib/recently_closed.php
– lib/post_new_post.php
– lib/advanced_search.php
– lib/provider_search.php
– lib/stretch_area.php
– lib/blog_page.php
– lib/user-profile.php
– lib/user-feedback.php
– lib/all-posted-projects.php
– lib/all_locations.php
– lib/all_categories.php
– lib/my_account/* (all files from this folder)
– lib/fancybox/* (folder newly added)
– lib/gateways/credits_listing.php
– lib/login_register/login.php
– lib/login_register/register.php
– lib/upload_main/* (folder newly added)

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